December 21st, 2015

Population - 4 Sims (Advent Day Twenty-One)

Happy scheduled day twenty-one of the advent! Today I bring you four sims - three teen girls, and one adult male, for you to put in your game and love. All I ask is that you please not use these as your own characters in a story/machinima. Legacies are fine, townies are fine, etc etc - just please don't claim them as your own sims even if you modify them.

Altair Allison is a software artist from Dublin that likes deep-dish pies and runs a tattoo blog. He lives with his boyfriend and his life goal is to adopt all the cats that have ever existed, and somehow fit them all in his apartment.

Briselle Hodgkins is from Montreal and spends most of her time flower arranging and watching comedy shows on YouTube. She can speak three languages and wants to be a stand-up comedian one day.

Josephine Lawrence is a French secondary school student from Nice who is easily excited and loves soccer football. She doesn't know what she wants to be, because she's too busy following her favourite football teams around.

Jess Marsh grew up in Louisiana and loves zombie movies, Halsey, and Supernatural. She dreams of the day she can pick up a shotgun and shoot more than just some bottles. Zombies. She wants to shoot zombies.

Download here! All sims come as shown.