October 27th, 2015

The Littlest Weeb - 8 Anime Shirts for CU

I was feeling really sad (2020 update: fuck my ex for making me feel like shit all the time back then) so I made some anime shirts for children. I had my weeb tendencies as a child, and remember growing up with Sailor Moon, DBZ, Ouran, NGE, Fruits Basket, Death Note, YuGiOh, participating in a massive yaoi manga trade... ah, memories. And now your kids can have them with some modern anime shirts.

You get four from Free!, and four from Dangan Ronpa. If anyone wants any from older anime, I'd be happy to make some! Just ask in the comments section.
That black shirt is actually textured and not floodfill I promise it just looks that way because of the lighting!

Download here! Mesh included.