September 15th, 2015

Then & Now - 4 Dressy Outfits for AM

I was feeling sad (2020 update: fuck my ex for making me feel like that all the time) and saw this mesh and saw the PSD and immediately went, "well, this needs some recolours." So I give you four of them! Blue and red, as well as a modern and retro-pattern recolour with accents. If anyone wants to make these into OFB business outfit defaults, you have my go-ahead!

Download here! Mesh is included, and is by fanseelamb.

Tomorrow Is Yesterday - 4 Star Trek Shirts for CU

Another request! This time for my Star Trek shirts for CU. All four shirts are available for all genders. Title comes from an episode of TOS.

Download here! Mesh is included, I think. I'm... pretty sure? The mesh names are confusing, but if you have any issues, download the "custom" package from here and put it in your game for meshy goodness.