June 28th, 2015

Some Like It Hot - 4 Tank Tops for TF & TM

(Bigger image.)

Today I bring you some tank tops for TM & TF. All three tank tops on the right are for both genders, the pineapple crop tank is just for TF, and the green/blue/grey one on the far left is just for TM.

Download here! :) No mesh needed.

PS - I have a very funny story as to why this is titled "Some Like It Hot" and it involves a teacher and a kid in my elementary school band class, a Japanese cooking show, and a shirt from Value Village.

Estrogen & Progesterone Pill Bottles

I was requested to make these by a good friend, for his MTF trans sim. These are also useful for intersex and hormonally-disordered sims (I myself am intersex and require progesterone tablets). They can also be used to help mothers-to-be in some situations.

Download here! The mesh is here, you NEED it as it is not included. It's in Deco/Sculptures for $163.