June 3rd, 2015

It's No Big Deal - 8 Shirts for TF & TM

(Bigger image.)

Today, I also bring you some TF & TM shirts for the more "invisible" sexualities, romantic orientations, and gender identities. This was important for me to make as I have some characters who DEFINITELY need this, as well as some people I know whose characters are gonna be rockin' them soon too. And yes, as a pansexual, yes, the pancake shirt tempted me. ;)

Some of these you may not have even heard of, so let me list them, as seen in this image, left to right:

Bisexual/Biromantic - Experiencing sexual/romantic attraction to two or more genders.
Agender - A person who does not conform to the concept of gender, at all.
Demisexual - Experiencing sexual attraction only after a strong bond has been formed, or after a very long and close relationship.
Aromantic - Not experiencing romantic attraction.
Polysexual/Polyromantic - Experiencing sexual/romantic attraction to some genders, but not all.*
Pansexual/Panromantic - Experiencing sexual/romantic attraction to all genders.
Asexual - Not experiencing sexual attraction.
Nonbinary - Your gender identity does not conform to the gender binary.


Download here! Mesh included. :)

*(Not the same as polyamorous, which is a relationship with more than two people involved.)