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[TS4] Now in Black - ATS4 VCR Recolour

Now, I may be showing my age (and poverty) a little, but VCRs were a huge part of my life for a long time. It was a huge source of both entertainment and frustration (when the tape unspooled and got stuck in the reader heads) and it’s nostalgic af to me. Almost all of them looked almost identical to the one that Sandy made over at ATS4 - but I’ve never seen a silver VCR, and it stuck out like a sore thumb in my decades games... so I just, made it black! I also added that annoying 12:00 time to it, because who has the manual to that sucker? Nobody.

This includes the original, because it’s needed for the mesh to work, but for posterity please go check out Sandy’s original. My file needs to overwrite hers.

Download here!

(This will not work with The Sims 2. It will only work with The Sims 4.)
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