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Sleepaway Camp - Modern Tent as Deco (Open & Closed Versions!)

So, another summer has almost passed us by - but not our sims! They get the opportunity to camp in this low-poly, high-quality decorative tent! It only comes in yellow but I do have a crapload of recolours coming your way soon-esque.

It can fit SO MUCH STUFF and still remain functional! Decorate it to your heart’s content. Swap out the closed version for the open one to create a daytime view, or do the opposite so the sims can have a little privacy. The sky’s your limit.

The insides are fully textured and feature a floor (that should work best on flat ground) and many sloped walls, just like the outside. No weird mesh disappearing nonsense here!
It can fit a table and six chairs, up to two single beds and a crib, one double bed and a dog bed, a pinball machine and 500 gnomes... you get the picture!

Known issues: Sims will clip through the sides of the tent, it’s not foolproof - it’s meant to be functional decor! And if you want, you should look up an invisible fence to use to block in the other sides!

Download here!

Find it in Deco - Misc for 200.

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