December 18th, 2013

Advent Day 18: Let it Snow (5 Maxis-Match Winter Hats & 6 Winter Sweaters for AF and TF)

I'm not in good shape, but here is one of my last holiday offerings for you all before I take some me time. :) This was a gift for my love but I found it not right unless I could share it with you.

walkin in a winter wonderland pt 2

There are four basegame winter caps in two styles (unbinned, sorry), one winter beanie (black hair only, unbinned - was a special request), all with Maxis hair textures. There are also sweaters on Maxis-adapted textures, hand-arranged by me with a bunch of cute patterns. I only have one picture as I'm not feeling well, but hopefully that will suffice. :) The sweaters require these meshes: AF TF