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4t2 Vroshii Froggy PC with Custom OS

Vroshii’s Froggy PC was just too darned cute to pass up for my next conversion! Literally a day after I made this, I found out it’s already been converted - so I decided to do something special to differentiate - this one has a custom OS, exclusive to this PC! It does not override anything or any other computer and is totally cute.

It also has a custom TXMT for the screen so that it stays bright at night, just like a real PC would. This is because it does not work with the Lighten Up screen mod - no custom OS does. 

The OS? KerOS, inspired by the Japanese word for the sound a frog makes!

Each screen is in Simlish and is done in a pixel-art way, to imitate the IRL Macintosh’s hardware capabilities (as that’s what this was inspired by - a custom froggy Macintosh!)


If you can read Simlish, I definitely suggest squinting at the names of each of the applications and having a giggle about it. It’s ALL frog-puns.
There is ONE minor issue - the word processor goes to the default Maxis screen. This seems to be a glitch that Maxis never ironed out and is not my fault, but as long as your sims don’t write a novel, KerOS will be there!
It should be EP compatible.

Get it here!

I’d like to thank all of the designers of the free-to-use icons and other stuff that I’ve edited and used: FROGGIT, TheSansSquad56, itguyDave, and the makers of Pixel Art Maker. I hand-drew a LOT of the art you see.
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