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Small Update

So, where have I been? How could I miss pride month?! Well, folks, my computer absolutely bit it. First, I needed a cable for a harddrive, due to a double power outage (where two major outages overlapped) frying the cord. Then a heatwave and another outage just about ruined my computer. It functioned... poorly, but it functioned. My home's power is ungrounded (thanks, shitty landlords) so my poor power bar was no match.

My lovely, smart, wonderful partner Ash talked me into using my tax return to purchase a new motherboard, CPU, case, and RAM, so I excitedly did so... only for a capacitor to fall out of my graphics card as my brother and I worked on putting it together. The entire system became nonfunctional - it posted, but even my spare older card didn't output ANY video. 

I tearfully took it into a computer shop and over the past week or so they spent a lot of time on it - they gave me a copy of their logs so there was transparency and a guy literally worked on it into the wee hours of the morning, bless him. A lot of stuff was wrong, mostly because of how my brother helped to put it together (but don't tell him that, he's a computer engineer) which was correct for a PC about three years ago but has changed slightly. He claims he had no idea there was any changes. The guy who worked on it also enthused that it was a bit difficult because the manual was out of date! The same one we used! The actual problems took two pages and none of it was remotely predictable - stuff like needing to enable an obscure setting to get both RAM sticks working on the right voltage - so I'm grateful it was able to be fixed.

My card? My beloved GTX 1070? Was absolutely fine. Is fine. I'm using it currently! Hello!

In the meantime, I took out a 15-year-old computer my dad's friend Bill gave me in 2017, an old HP small form factor. The Core 2 Duo is still a zippy little processor - it's very optimised. But damn, if it didn't make me miss my computer. Then, one day, I lean over and notice a sticker on the front... and it's from the same computer shop I just took my own to.

So yeah, TL;DR my shit broke and now it's not broken.


Expect some content shortly!

I was able to recover a bunch of my screenshots so I'm chomping at the bit. :D
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