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Totally Baked - Maxis Cookie Default Replacement

Whoooo's ready for some cookies? Everyone loves cookies! So, for some reason, Maxis decided you get them from the fridge. Maybe they're melting in the heat of perpetual pre-Seasons EP summer? Who knows! But these cookies are available in English or Simlish and come as a fictional brand called Oven & Mitt. It's a spoof of a few brands, but I tried to mimic the bags I saw in stores. It looks a bit plain - but whatever. Plain packaging is very modern (and I dislike modern designs personally) but trends are trends, damnit. 

The Simlish one looks a bit sad this time around but there's a severe lack of fonts. Also, the lighting makes it look a lot different but I promise I worked off of identical project files!

Download it in Simlish here!

Download it in English

And remember - you can only have ONE default replacement of the cookies at a time. So if they don't show up - that's because you may have a conflict! 
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