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Reading The Signs - 100ish Retail Wall Writing Recolours

Sign, sign/Everywhere a sign/Blockin' out the scenery/Breakin' my mind/Do this, don't do that/Can't you read the sign? - Five Man Electrical Band

So, your sims obviously need some direction in their lives... why not do it with signs? Here's a bunch on, you guessed it, half-height wall writing, made double-sided by Yuxi! There's 100ish. Ish? Ish, because some are accidental duplicates as I completed these signs over several days and forgot if I did one already or not.

If anyone wants to make any of these into Simlish, please go ahead - and remember that I didn't use DDS, these are Raw32Bit (so higher quality overall).

Useful for a science lab or classroom!

(Gurdwara is Sikh, if you were wondering! I live in the area of the world with the most Sikh population outside of India.)

I used Expectant Parent instead of Expectant Mother because that's what the signs locally say. And also because trans rights.

It's funny because you don't actually have to turn off a cell phone near fuelling tanks, it's just that they thought it was somehow dangerous as a type of distraction. It's never caused a major incident, but the rules around electronics were made long before phones were more than a weird device rich people used.

I once hit a "share the road" type sign on my bike as a kid because I wasn't paying attention and they had JUST installed it. The pole ruined my front tire.

Oops, same sign twice. Just delete the swatch ingame if you need to, I forgot.

If I ever hear the word PPE again it'll be too soon.

Download here! Mesh by Aikea-Guinea and Yuxi included.
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