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Far Out - 6 Space Themed Wall Writing Recolours

This is an entry for the GoS theme, In Another Life!

Small story: Years ago, my younger brother got a gift of some extremely inaccurate and very incomplete planet wall stickers. He's not really a space nerd (but I am!), so they sort of sat there, unused. The planets are wrongly scaled, the set's missing Uranus and Neptune, the sun looks like a cheese pizza that got burnt, the moon is somehow included... and I loved them. I slapped them on the bit of wall above my curtains and that was that.
And guess what? They're not to scale, they're obviously stickers, and they'd make any true space nerd cringe, but they're a perfect replica and I love them. Stick 'em in a kid's room. (They don't know any better. Or maybe they do. Alexander Goth and all.)

hey suck. In all their awful glory, I saw them. I saw the theme this month. And... I got inspired. Now your sims get to have some space-themed wall decals! These are on Aikea's half-height wall writing mesh, edited by Yuxi to be two-sided. The decals are from free use sites.

Download here! Mesh by Aikea-Guinea and Yuxi included.

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