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Invisiview Wall TV 4t2 With Custom Off Screens (Advent Week Four)

So, 2020 is over. THANK GOD. (Or the Gregorian calendar.) Happy New Year 2021! Or not yet. It’s like 9 PM PST, here.

Here’s a 4t2 conversion of the Invisiview Wall TV. It’s way more modern than my other conversion. The inspiration was that my mother recently got a new TV as a gift - ours broke after 10 years of service - and it looks quite similar to this one, actually! It’s also a narc smart TV, and after disabling every single smart option there is, I noticed it has this menu that pops up every time you leave it on for too long without doing anything.

So, in addition to the regular “black” custom off screen - the screen that shows when the TV is, well, turned off - I added a recolour. It’s a mostly handmade “smart TV” menu! It stays lit, even when the TV is off, in a dark room. Perfectly annoying, no? Just like our TV. Sigh.
I spent a lot of time on this and am very proud of it, but it isn’t without its faults. Just like my last TV, it’s mostly cloned from a beautifully made TV by Sophie-David - the custom off screen idea is her invention! - and thus has a few “quirks” I couldn’t get out, such as a pie menu item that is called “disenchant.”
What it means is sims will no longer autonomously use the TV and will ignore it unless directed to use it. However, I cannot for the life of me change the name of the damn strings involved without the file blowing up on me, so, pretend it’s magic.


Download the TV
here! Have a happy and healthy 2021!

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