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Christmas Gifts 2020 (Advent Week Three)

The third week of Advent 2020 is here - and what did Santa Jeb bring the simmers, but a huge freakin' sack of presents?!

First off - fashion!

This is for your teen female sims because it's who I like creating for most. I have stuff for other age groups coming in the new year or even next week!

Thrifty Threads - 8 Vintage Tees for TF

The shirt itself - Hafi's shirt, for TF - can lend itself to blurrier textures, but I did my best. These are all 1980s fashions I gleaned from local online thrifts and Etsy.

Download it here! Mesh by Hafi included.

Pink Lemonade - 8 V-Neck Tees for TF

So, these are Aquilegia's shirt textures taken and wrangled onto an edit of Amaryll's 3D top by Trapping. It's the pregmorph-added version, too. Everyone needs some basics, right? Nothing wrong with just throwing one of these bad boys (girls?) on. I take only credit for the colours and stripes.

Download here! Mesh by Trapping included.

Sporting - 4 Nike Tank Top Recolours for TF

I saw this really cute athletic top online in an advertisement and decided, hey, what the hell. I have Bodyshop open, and my drawing tablet in front of me. So I wrangled some base textures (mostly my Fanseelamb blend) together, added some shading etc etc etc - you get the point. It's in four colours. Enjoy. (Also, I hate that hem, but it's accurate to the IRL shirt.)

Download here! Mesh by Yuichen included!

Steely - Ja Magnolia Blouse Edit for TF

Ja's Magnolia blouse was very steampunk-y, and I wanted to use it to make something else. I think I've already done an edit of it once, somewhere, but this one was entirely handpainted to look Maxis Match - sort of like that one blouse outfit from the basegame for AF.

Download here! Ja's mesh is included.

Girls - 6 Patterned Magnolia Blouse Recolours for TF

So, inspired by current queer fashion, I decided to add in some patterned recolours of the above blouse! Nothing much more to say about these beyond they look exactly like stuff I see IRL in thrift shops or in store windows.

Download here! Ja's mesh is included!

Bold and Brash - 18 Sweaters for TF

It's sweater season for most of the world's population, so, let's get right into some cozy, fashionable gear this year! I wanted to cater to all sorts of tastes with this one - you're almost guaranteed to find one that your sim will enjoy!

Download here! Mesh by Eir included.

Sobriquets - 16 Sweaters for TF

And, finally - some more sweaters! The difference? I recoloured these on a completely different day because I forgot I made the first ones. That's the only difference. Also, I got a really good response from two different Discord servers about these, so I thought I'd put them up. *shrugs*

Download here! Mesh by Eir included.

And now, onto the furniture and stuff!

Drawstrings - 10 Suza Gym Bag Recolours

So, this is a cute little mesh, right? Well, it was a horror to figure out the dead-simple mapping on, because it was mapped terribly despite it being like, two squares. I know. Weird. Here's ten colours - mostly plain, but three are more athletic-inspired. I see these around a lot and decided my sims needed them, so here you go! There's also one that is burlap, sort of more for medieval sims.

Download here! Mesh by Suza included.

IKEA Ektorp Set (And More!) in Lingbo Multicolour

So, one of my best friends has a cursed couch. It's from IKEA Canada, because IKEA USA decided, smartly, to stop selling this godawful grandma pattern from hell. I love it. It's terrible. And I decided, not so smartly, to make it for your sims to sit on and contemplate the fact that there are much, much nicer couches sold by this company and they chose this one. It has everything! Yonic imagery! Weird muddy colour scheme! Jonesi's bed blanket! MysticRain's Earthliving cushions! Panache! Camp! Etc!

Download this monstrosity here. Meshes by Jonesi and MysticRain included. Requires IKEA SP to work!

Alternatively, peruse the folder here!
Merry Christmas!
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