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4t2 GeniusVision Wall TV (Advent Week One)

My advent has gone mini, because of the new restrictions on how often one can use a tag on Tumblr and still show up in it - but I hope you will all still enjoy this gift!

Sit back and enjoy the most hi-tech offering of 2014! Or whenever TS4 devs made this TV. Wall-mounted, about the same size as the TS2 wall TV, and coming in exactly one colour, this TV is completely average nowadays and will stick to whatever wall you want it to! Who could ask for more?

It also has a custom off screen (!!!!!) thanks to the efforts of people like Numenor, who figured out the code, and Sophie-David who improved upon it. Thank you two so much! The TV still works normally, however when off, it looks like an actual modern TV should - no grey!

Download here!

While I'm at it, I am in desperate need of money to supply myself with menstrual products, even $10 would help me for a month. Please donate if you can - I never charge for CC and will never put my stuff behind ads or a paywall.
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