2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

December Announcement!

Advent 2020

Advent this year will be miniature - but not any lesser quality - because of Tumblr's restrictions on how often one can post in a tag. I'll be posting on the 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th of December, plus a Christmas gift.

Eight Nights 2020

Eight Nights - the Hanukkah gifts - will be posted in one big lump, look for it during Hanukkah (the 10th-18th of December!) - I have special permission to convert some Jewish CC from TS4, and am getting it just right.

New Year's 2021

On January 1st, expect another gift, of course! I won't leave the best celebration out - the one where we get the hell out of 2020 once and for all! 

Almost everything is for TS2 this year. Sorry. 

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