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Halloween '20 - Costume Emporium!

Halloween is my favourite holiday - everyone knows that. So I couldn't bear to leave you all without SOME costumes this year! I tried to hit a variety this year, and go quality over quantity, so here's a handful of costumes from my virtual emporium to make your sims happy!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Inspired Halloween Dress for Momma Lisa

Hoo, what a mouthful - of candy, that is! Your larger ladies will absolutely adore this dress inspired by my favourite mobile game - I hand-textured all of it! It comes with sheer tights and is on a mesh by MoniLisaSims.

Download here!
Mesh included.


Burrito Costume for AF & TF

Keoni hit it out of the park with their conversion of the Watermelon Romper from TS3! So, naturally, I saw it and went "that top bit looks like lettuce..." and turned it into a burrito. Same short roman sandals as the original, and the shorts are meant to be the tin foil wrapper :D The bow is meant to be napkins or sandwich wrap. I dunno! It's cute.

Just don't try to eat your sims after seeing how delicious they look!

Download here! Meshes included.

Pokemon Mimikyu Costume for TF

This was inspired by a real-life costume I saw that was entirely homemade! I wish I got a picture of it. Maybe your teen girl isn't into the more revealing fare out there, maybe she is modest for another reason like religion - or it's just bloody cold outside. Whatever the case, this costume is for the adorable Pokemon Mimikyu - who imitates Pikachus in order to make friends, as it's not confident in its own form. Maybe that describes your teen sim - so this costume would fit to a tee!

Or to a really long dress with black shoes underneath. Y'know.

Download here! Mesh by G-Knee included!

Tom Nook Shirt for TM

We all know and love - or hate - the fat Tanuki, Tom Nook. He's one of the constants of Animal Crossing. He runs a shop, owns the town, puts us into debt, and gives us a home. You only get his shirt, of course, but he says you can grab some matching shorts here.

Download here! Mesh by CatOfEvilGenius included!

Piñata Costume for CF

Who doesn't love hitting a piñata until candy comes out? Well, now your girls can wear a dress that vaguely resembles one. I hand-textured it, and it looks... not amazing in some parts, but I tried really hard to make it match a photo of a similar costume!

Download here! Mesh by AdeLanaSP included.

Sriracha Bottle Costume for Toddlers

What goes well with burritos? Sriracha! I love Sriracha. I always have some on my ramen, my eggs, my tacos, sometimes on popcorn - the ubiquitous condiment seems to be everywhere these days, including on your toddler! This is modelled after a very popular baby costume. An accessory "cap" is included, on the party hat mesh by DeeDee!

Download here! Meshes by DeeDee and Fakepeeps7 included.

Pumpkin Costume for Toddler Girls

What do you do with a child that isn't old enough for a costume that's super expensive, but is old enough to come trick-or-treating with their older siblings? You slam that kiddo into a pumpkin and call it a day. That's according to my friend, at least. Who wasn't a pumpkin at least once? Well, in my family every baby was a sailor (my grandfather was one) but... still. Pretty common costume.

Download here! Mesh by Fakepeeps7 included!

Straw-baby (or Watermelon) Costume for Toddlers

And last but not least, another toddler costume - on the same mesh as the Sriracha one!
 It's a strawberry. Or is it a watermelon? I can't decide - and neither can your kid, so they get to be both. They're one. They won't remember this. It's cute.

Download here! Mesh by Fakepeeps7 included!

If you loved these costumes and have some spare change, please consider helping me out!
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