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Best In Town - Sa-Sims-Suseo 440 Chair Recolours

So, what's the best seat in town? It's not what you think. It's that deceptively comfortable, worn-out chair you find at bowling alleys, Chinese restaurants, nail salons, and pizza parlours that stay open until 2:30 AM on weeknights. They've been around for 50 or so years and have seen many people come and go from their cushions - and these are some recolours of that ubiquitous chair, made by Sa-Sims-Suseo!

There is a bonus "worn out" red chair because it was needed for an upcoming birthday party scene in my machinima, Openness!

There are three fabric recolours:

And ten non-fabric recolours!

Halloween goodies are on the way, but I forgot to post these (life has been so chaotic, I can barely keep up) and thought you'd all enjoy!

Download here! Mesh included!

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