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18 July 2020 @ 12:13 am
vroshii Animal Crossing Froggy Chair 4t2  

Here is vroshii's Froggy Chair for TS2, converted with (enthusiastic!) permission. If you don't know what Froggy Chair is, well, this is it. It's a chair. It's shaped like a frog. It's an Animal Crossing meme. It works like a dining chair. Your sims sit on it, with their rear end, and I promise they will not perch on it like a frog. I, however, cannot promise they won't immediately beg you for a Switch and a copy of ACNH. That's on you for putting it in your game.

Download here! All credits to vroshii.
Help me get a Switch and indulge in my second autistic special interest by chucking some spare change into this link here. I'm stuck with Pocket Camp if you don't.