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12 May 2020 @ 07:25 pm
4t2 Plasmatron 3000 Flat Screen TV  

Here is the Plasmatron 3000 Flat Screen TV which was an unlockable item from what I think is a patch? I'm not sure - however, here it is! It's basegame compatible and comes in one colour (black) because who the hell has a white flat screen, EAxis? Is it 2007? TS4's colour options are weird, so you just get black. This may also be because the other two refused to work (despite TSDesignMode being enabled and everything looking kosher under the hood). Who even knows anymore. I'm tired. Have a TV.

It sticks out from the wall a bit, because it's wall-mounted. That's - that's the deal. (I have no idea why the TS2 wall-mounted TV doesn't do this but it's always bothered me. I may fix it to look like this one day.)

It will shift up and down with either this mod or this mod here. Either-or, it's up to you! They both work beautifully.

Here is a size comparison to Maxis' TVs. It's about as big as the AL big-screen TV, but that wouldn't fit in the frame.

Sadly, nothing can help Maxis' terrible picture quality - except, maybe, my own tutorial on how to make HDTV for your sims. Go wild!

Oh, and one last thing. It falls off the wall just like the Maxis TV, when it breaks - animated correctly and everything! I'm proud of myself for that feature.

Download here!

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