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[STICKY] TOU & Useful Stuff

Hi! I'm Jeb, also known as 2FW - I'm 25 years old, FTM transgender, Canadian, and use he/they pronouns. I make custom content primarily for The Sims 2, with some minor forays into TS3/TS4 (which are clearly labelled). Here you will find my Terms of Use and other such useful things.

Terms of Use (Updated: April 2020)

  • My CC is always free for anyone to use, edit, mangle, texture reference, make available for other ages/genders, etc. Go ahead! :D

  • If you do any of the above, credit me and the creators I credited in my own post (if any).

  • It would be really nice if you also linked me to what you did. Not obligatory. Just would be nice!

  • If you upload anything using, containing, editing, referencing, or slaved to my CC, in any way, shape or form, do not make me pay for access. This includes advertising links like shortest and adfly, referral/survey sites, pay-only Patreon, SimsDom, etc.

  • If you put an edit/conversion/etc of my CC on Patreon, but wish to have it locked for early access, I am okay with this, however, it must remain free after early access is over.

  • You may not use my full sims as characters in your stories but you can totally use them to model CC or as background sims, BACC residents, and in legacies with credit given to me. You also may upload the spawn. I don't care.

  • You may convert my CC to other games and formats but you must credit me.

  • All CC that I have converted from another creator requires that you find the other creator's TOU and credit them also. That's just polite.

  • You may post my CC to VK or GameVN or whatever, as long as credit is given to me. I know that international simmers can often feel left out of English-only finds blogs so I totally get that many want to be able to find stuff and be able read what it is.

  • You may translate my CC into Simlish or any other language you may need, I don't mind at all.

Useful Links
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