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Beauty in Faith - 4t2 Hijab Recolours for Child-Elder

This is an entry for the GoS Jan/Feb theme, Fashion Is For Everyone!

Happy 2020, everyone! I've had a really terrible month so let's get right into things...

I love taking theme prompts and adding something unexpected, so here's something for "Fashion is for Everyone" - some 4t2 hijab recolours! Hijabi women are often left out or forgotten, so this is for those who wish to see themselves or their loved ones better represented in the game! I remember the disappointment of a hijabi friend of mine in high school when she was trying to make her selfsim and back then, there wasn't an option for her to cover her hair in her signature always-sky-blue. I hope she sees this one day and smiles (I know you still play the game, silly, I saw your Pinterest!).

You get 15 recolours - five neutrals and ten patterns including a wedding-guest lacey pattern, some florals, and more modern patterns like lightbulbs and triangles.

Download here! The mesh by Memento is included.

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