2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

[TS4] Elfed Up - 18 Xmas Shirts for Teen-Elder (Advent Bonus Round)

YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE. Nope! I have one more gift for you - an addendum to this post. Here's the TS4 version of those!

You get 18 shirts for Teen, Adult, and Elder sims of all genders, for TS4 this time! No, I'm not becoming a TS4 blog, but I enjoy making a few bits of CC for "that other game I play."

These shirts are their own independent swatch and require only the fully-updated base game as far as I know.

Not all of the shirts are previewed, but I promise they're all there!

Download here! Happy 2020!

*shakes tip jar*
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