2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Take Half - 3t2 Baufive Gelt (Second Night of Eight)

For our second bright night, we have some gelt (chocolates or candy) for dreidel games and just for munching on in general! The mesh is a 3t2 conversion from Baufive's set.

You get the two original recolours plus a slew of new ones I made myself!

These are just standard gelt - two wrapper recolours, plus an "opened" one with just the chocolate inside.

These are plain, for those who don't wish to have the Star of David on their gelt.

And here are three ideas I really liked - thumbprint gelt cookies, mirror glaze sugar cookies, and some sugar-dipped cookies, for those who don't want chocolate!

Download here! Found in Deco - Misc for $18.
Tags: eight nights, hanukkah, s2cc, sims 2, sims 2 cc, sims 2 download, sims 2 downloads, ts2 cc, ts2 downloads, ts2cc

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