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Fleecy Frocks - Xmas Robes for TF-EF (Advent Day Twenty)

Sorry again for the late post! It's only just 8 PM here, but whatever, it's late for most non-Pacific Time people! I went to go see a Star War with my brother - a tradition of ours since we were little is that Star Wars movies are Christmas movies. I remember my brother getting SO EXCITED by getting Attack of the Clones on DVD that he opened the DVD player box early!

Here are some nice, warm, fleecy robes (housecoats in my region, bathrobes or dressing gowns to others) for your sims to wear when it gets a bit frosty out! They come with some hand-painted wool socks by me, using an EA texture from TS3 as the base! There are eight different designs (two are different colours of one pattern, as they were made to be a matching set for a sim-couple of mine) and are for teen, adult, and elder females! 

You get a Santa-themed one, blue snowflakes, red or green presents, an Elf-theme design, some snowbirds, and two more "generic" designs for those who may not celebrate Christmas but want some nice winter robes - teal and hot pink snowflakes on a natural cream base, and heavy-duty buffalo plaid! Almost all of these are based on designs I've seen in stores.

Download here! Meshes by Rented-Space included!

If you like what I do and want to help me out, please click here!
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