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Wiggly Jiggly - 8 Jello Box Recolours (Advent Day Seventeen)

We did a LOT of baking today at my house, and Jello is a big part of it! It can be used to speed up puddings, tarts, custards, and trifles! (Just don't do Phoebe's beef trifle from Friends. Gross.)

So here are some recolours of ez2ciamaprincess' Jello box mesh, with some common favourites. 

You get three flavours of Jello gelatin - lemon, peach, and strawberry.

Meanwhile, for puddings, we get vanilla, chocolate and banana cream!

And for our frugal friends, we have lime and strawberry No Name Brand gelatin, Canada's #1 discount brand which can also be found in some international markets just due to exports and the like. The lime one is "childhood" to me - because it tastes so distinct and artificial, like old lime Jello used to before it changed to natural flavouring! It's such a weird flavour, you just have to try it.

Download here! Mesh included. Found in Deco > Plants for some reason?

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