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Snowbank - 4t2 Snow Shovel Default (Advent Day Sixteen)

I'm so sorry for the late upload - I was out Christmas shopping and then my power cut for a few hours!

For day sixteen, I decided to convert the TS4 Seasons snow shovel, but it was only in yellow. I have never, in my life, seen a yellow snow shovel. They're almost always blue, red, metal, green... but never yellow! So, I had to fix this.

I used FireFlowerSims' shovel as a base. Thanks for such an open TOU! 

This default replaces the shovel that sims "dig" with. Of course, it's going to look silly in some situations, but I thought it would be neat to have something other than an old-school shovel in the game. 

When I was screenshotting this, I couldn't get it to snow properly without FRAPS freaking out so... the beach, it was! PRETEND IT'S SNOW. 

The metal default has a red handle because every freaking metal shovel I saw at Canadian Tire the two times I went, had red handles.

This is the original TS4 colour, yellow. I have no idea who thought yellow was a good idea but... hey, it's cheerful?

This is the red default.

And green! I chose a more saturated green than I would have usually because I know people like that sort of thing. 

And blue, at last.

This is what it looks like driven into the ground before digging. 

This download requires Bon Voyage to work.

Download here! Remember to only choose one package in the .rar or it won't work!

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