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[TS2/TS4] I've Been Good - 8 Onesie Recolours for CU (Advent Day Twelve)

So, this is kind of a special upload because TS4 players FINALLY get some CC too! I promised I'd do a few uploads with an added bonus, so, here goes These are some onesies (pyjamas) with some Christmas designs for children, with the zippers transferred to the back. Nice and snuggly for Christmas morning or just getting excited about another day in the snow over a nice, warm bowl of dinosaur hot oatmeal!*

*(Dino oatmeal sold separately. Batteries not included. Please contact your lawyer before use. This joke should not be read within 2 hours of other oral medications.)

TS2 Version

Another amazing conversion by Rented-Space has been recoloured mercilessly by me. This time, in Christmas motifs!
 This version is Basegame Compatible and not enabled for random sims or anything. It also is not available for outerwear.

Download the TS2 version here!
Mesh by Rented-Space included.

TS4 Version

This version is standalone from the original package but still requires GT (as far as I'm aware!) and nothing else. All designs are in English (sorry, I play with Simlish but I lost the backups of the textures in a hard-drive problem this week) and part of one package. You can use both at the same time, but... why?

Enabled for Pyjama category, Cold Weather, and is enabled for Random. It's sorted under Jumpsuits and Pyjamas because if I just sorted it as Pyjamas, it wouldn't show up right for Cold Weather. I tested this package extensively and had no issues. It has no custom thumbnails.

*glances at other disclaimers* Oh, also, no Reshade was used, what you see is what you get! I barely touched the screenshots beyond sharpening them slightly.

Download the TS4 version here! Requires Get Together. (Link Fixed)

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