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Gardy-Loo! - 4t2 Mop Default (Advent Day Eight)

So, this download wouldn't have been possible without TheNinthWaveSims' base code for the mop default, so, go check them out! (They do a lot of cool, unique stuff!)

This is a 4t2 conversion of the mop, to replace TS2's rather cheap-looking sponge mop. My mother cleans as part of her job and has seen the TS2 mop before. She asked what dollar store the sim got it from because that thing is going to do nothing to clean a puddle of water.

TS4 remedied this by giving us a nice, larger one. So, I converted it with Sims4Studio and defaulted it. Sims will whip it out to mop anything up. Other than that, it won't interfere with anything like extracted mops as objects that you may have.

Download here! Take out any other defaults of this object before you use mine!

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