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It's A Sign - Outdoor Sign Mesh

 (This is an entry for the GoS Low-Poly theme.)

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for something, when I began observing the sign for the business plaza we were in. It looked much like this, simple and clean lines, sort of timeless despite being over 20 years old. So, I committed it to memory and decided to just slap it up in Milkshape!

Thus, this sign post was born! Basegame compatible, under 60 polygons, and no fussy texturing - just two nice squares, one for the posts and one for the sign itself! What more could a simmer ask for? Oh, right! It shows up in 'hood view without any effort on my own part! I have no idea how I did that, but it does, so, yay! Recolours are  desperately encouraged - please make sure to let me see so I can add them to my own game, of course!

It's about five tiles wide but was deliberately made to only use one tile, in order for it to be used with any shiftable OMSPs one may have, to make it shorter if it's too tall for what you want out of it!

Honestly, I'm really proud of myself. I meshed, textured and mapped this entirely on my own, going in blind, and got it right on the first try. Cheer

It comes with four recolours: one that's blank, two in English, and one in Simlish. A true crowd-pleaser, if you ask me!

This one above is for a drive-in movie theatre, much like one near me. Every movie is made up.

I wanted a plaza sign for Pleassantview's shopping areas, so this lists all of them as well as how to get to Woodland Park.

And this one is a generic gas/petrol station recolour to demonstrate how versatile this is.

Download here or at GoS!

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