2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Enchanted - 15 Recolours on LDG's Flyer Mesh


I've recently got back into colouring again - which can be hard to do with cats around, but it's really helped me mentally. I've made other colouring things in the past, but these are special in that they're finally on a realistic-sized piece of paper! :D LivingDeadGirl's Flyer mesh, to be exact! I got all of this art from Google Images, searching for completed colouring pages from books I also own such as Enchanted Forest.

You get 15 recolours with various fully-done colouring pages for you to slap on your artistic sim's walls. There are many themes - doors, peacocks, fairytales, D&D, flowers, and animals! I wanted to make the colouring pages as gender neutral as possible but sadly a lot of them are more "feminine" just due to the average target demographic of such books - I may do more in the future, maybe with some of my own art? :O 

Download here! :D Mesh included!

If you'd like, my birthday is a week into September and I'd really love to buy myself a haircut with a psoriasis-friendly business. I'd be forever thankful if someone like you could help me! Thank you for your support!

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