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Pocket Change - 5 Canadian Chocolate Bars

This year, Canada Day has become Canada Week - from July 1st to July 7th, I'll be posting custom content daily!

Canada is home to some truly wonderful chocolate. No treat makes me happier - so I've made five of our national favourites for your sims! They're deco, of course - but they're true to scale and very low-poly. I've used Tinkle's Kit Kat mesh and made five standalone meshes from that with custom textures! :D You may be able to get these elsewhere internationally, however, the variants I've chosen are all unique to our country and taste completely different from, say, a UK version.

You get:
  • Caramilk (milk chocolate with a runny caramel centre)
  • Mr. Big (a wafer coated in caramel, rice, and chocolate)
  • Coffee Crisp (a vanilla bean wafer with coffee foam and chocolate coating)
  • Smarties (spherical, rainbow chocolate candies) 
  • Kit-Kat (four wafers covered in sustainable cocoa, richer and completely different from the American variant)

here! Find it in Deco - Misc for $5.

If you would like to recolour this mesh, please credit Tinkle as well as me. Tinkle made the original mesh for this and their generous policy is why I was able to bring you this download in the first place!
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