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Ogopogo - Canada Swimwear for TM-EM

This year, Canada Day has become Canada Week - from July 1st to July 7th, I'll be posting custom content daily!

If any of you have been to Okanagan Lake, or even just the region with the same name, you will hear about the Ogopogo. Unlike Nessie, this creature isn't a hoax. Instead, it's been fuelled by both First Nations histories and repeated sightings with credible-ish video. Whatever you believe (which is usually a shrug and "it's possible!"), the lake itself is beautiful this time of year. I was reminded of many times spent there on a vacation that always seemed to end in one of the motels surrounding the lake, the willow trees in the breeze, a good book in my hands...

I made a mistake on the preview image, it's for teen to elder, not just teen to adult!
 Sorry! D:

You get some Canada flag print swim shorts on a mesh by Rented-Space. I had to remake these about four times due to file errors because my cats kept using my keyboard, but hey, they work now!

Download here! Mesh by Rented-Space included!
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