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March Medley - 5 YPlum Skirt Recolours for TF


These skirts were inspired by a sewing pattern for a similar skirt I saw - called March Medley - from the 1940s or 1950s! It was a skirt decorated with pastel piano keys and music notes - which inspired the black and white skirt just a tad - but could be adapted "for any fabric of your choice" up to and including "old curtains." How very reduce-reuse-recycle of them! :D You get five skirts for TF paired with flats. They have a high waist and pair best with pretty much any untuckable top, or tucked, or... well, anything! They played quite nicely with anything I threw at them. Thank you to YanderePlumSim for the mesh!

I redid all of the base textures myself apart from the flats, as the original mesh is based off of the "homemaker dress" from Seasons chopped into just a bottom and shoeswapped/age converted (man, we must sound crazy to outsiders!) to create this. If anyone wants a PNG of my white texture edit just hit me up and I'll post it!

The skirts, as barely seen in this pic, also have solid-coloured bottoms, so no skin textures showing like on some bottom meshes. I had to fix the alpha a bit but I think it worked out just fine! :D

Download here! Mesh included.

If you like what I do, I'd really appreciate if you donated! All donations go towards helping cover the costs of my chronic illnesses.

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