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Perth - Tucked Long Sleeve Sweaters for TF

When I found Cynnix's mesh, I totally knew I needed recolours for spring. But then it hit me. Spring isn't sweater weather, but down in my friend's city of Perth, Australia, it's definitely autumn! During a recent chat, I decided to ask that friend what sort of CC I should make - and she immediately uploaded a photo of her in a pretty "watermelon" sweater, with pink, white, and green stripes. So, for giggles, I made it, and some more recolours based on thrift finds by other friends and Tumblr blogs that I follow! In total you get 8 comfy sweaters that can be tucked or untucked to your heart's content. There's a good mix of spring and autumn recolours, mostly based on 80s-2000s fashion.

These are the decidedly autumn recolours. The ones in the top preview are more spring-like. I hope you enjoy!

On the green sweater, there is mesh detailing that shows the skin! I worked hard on finding an open-source pattern that'd work.

Download here! Mesh included. Thank you to Cynnix for the mesh! 

If you like what I do, I'd really appreciate if you donated! All donations go towards helping cover the costs of my chronic illnesses.

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