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Lessons Learnt - 50 Veranka Whiteboard Recolours PLUS Bonus


Every school needs a place for teachers to write down info that kids ignore while they look at their phones. And in this case, it's a whiteboard!

Veranka's 3t2 whiteboard, to be exact - plus, my larger version!

I've made 50 recolours on various topics for all ages, from daycare/preschool through to university, plus some for counselling and charity!

I really hope you all can find some use in this.

But wait! There's a bonus! It shifts up and down, and is repo'd to the original whiteboard!
I tried very hard to make my larger version work, too - but it just seems to not want to do it. Hmm. Maybe some other time?

You can view all of the recolours here:
1 2 3 4 5 6

Download here or on GoS!

If you like what I do, I'd really appreciate if you donated! All donations go towards helping cover the costs of my chronic illnesses.

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