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In One Basket - OhBehave Easter Egg Recolours

Everyone knows that kids LOVE to run around, find hidden things, and also eat chocolate. Why not combine the three? Here are some recolours of OhBehave's decorative Easter eggs! You get some colourful plastic eggs - the classic! - for tossing around on your lawn. I've always loved Kinder chocolate and Creme Eggs - however, the new ones are so teeny! D: Luckily, these come in two sizes.

(I have a funny story about an egg hunt. A few weeks after Easter, we had an end of term "party" at the alternative school I attended for a short time. It had around 50 students, 4 classrooms, and was wedged awkwardly between a senior's care home, a parcel of old-growth woods, a Jewish learning centre, and a Walmart. We had to go around the entire neighbourhood searching for items hidden in left-over Easter eggs (the only reliable container that they could find on the cheap) and figure out the clues in order to find a gift card to either a games store, a sandwich place, or a pizza place. The only problem was that after hours of searching, it was revealed the two boys in charge of putting all the eggs out had hidden a majority of them on the roof of the one-storey building. They were told to find "hard" hiding spaces... that's where the title came from. They were told off for putting their eggs in one basket... or, well, place.)

The plastic eggs come in a variety of colours and have a seam around the circumference for ease of opening. (Or not. These ones don't open.)

Some classic Cadbury Creme Eggs. Guaranteed to ruin your best shirt the second you bite into one of them!

Kinder Surprise - the utter classic that most Americans aren't super familiar with! But sims of any country can enjoy this sweet treat with a big toy inside guaranteed to confuse you.

All of these recolours come with the included repositoried variants - laying, standing, small, gigantic, etc.

The eggs are clearly labelled so you know what is what if you only want one type!

Download here! Meshes by OhBehave included.

If you like what I do, I'd really appreciate if you donated! All donations go towards helping cover the costs of my chronic illnesses.

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