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Hoppity - Easter Wall Writing Recolours

Easter is here, and I... completely forgot until two days ago! (Easter was never big on my radar, because it rarely involved stuff like chocolate or eggs. It was more reading the story and the pastor yelling about how the Easter Bunny was evil.)

In my haste, I tried to decorate a home for Easter ingame, and came up with maybe five CC sets that would have worked. In the end, I just gave up, and made these - some Aikea wall writing recolours on Yuxi's two-sided mesh! Thank you to shastakiss for finding the mesh for me!

You get a few different types of mix-and-match decor that should spice up any sim's hunt for chocolate and prizes. I tried to source from as many types of decor as I could because I know that not every simmer has the same tastes.

The Christian/"religious" recolours are clearly marked in the folder, so as to enable easy removal for anyone who doesn't want that in their game, or for those who just want those recolours and not the others. Easter is different around the world - so I wanted to make sure y'all had options.

Shabby Chic decor for your cute farmhouse or cottage! I pictured cute flower arrangements, bunting, and lots of flowy dresses.

Pastels always remind me of decorating cupcakes and mixing food colouring. There's a cupcake shop near me that is all done up in these colours. (We are not in an area where cupcake shops succeed, but I appreciate their efforts.)

Religious recolours for your church or those faithful sims. I tried two styles - more flowery, and more "suburban McMansion" styling.

Window stickers for your kiddos! Same mesh, but these are designed to go on glass - something little children love to do. The Happy Easter sign is meant to look like it was made with those Crayola window markers.

Spring is here, and that means camping! Decorate your cabin, lake house, or above-average abode with these cute decorations! I really enjoyed making this set as I love wood tones.

And finally, Cheap Tat, AKA, you got this from a dollar store/pound store/whatever currency is cheap store! Mass-produced items for a very low price to tack up and please absolutely nobody but your wallet! (If you're like me and enjoy cheap tat for its cheap tattiness, Ashens on YouTube does a lot of stuff related to that.)

Download here! Mesh included. 

If you like what I do, I'd really appreciate if you donated! All donations go towards helping cover the costs of my chronic illnesses. 
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