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28 February 2019 @ 07:30 pm
Fighting Forties - 10 Work Dresses for TF  
This is an entry for GoS' January & February Theme, Unfinished Business & Be Your Own Boss!

I saw this beautiful mesh by DeeDee, and immediately wanted to recolour it! That is, with popular designs from the 1940s, specifically utilitarian dresses used by women on the job. Feeling feminine was something that women felt was in short supply, so they often crafted their own "utility" dresses, or ordered them out of utility-grade catalogues, in order to feel better about their appearance in an increasingly industrial workplace. Even top designers would abide by this, as spare fabric was in short supply.

The dress itself comes in six solids (violet, navy blue, maroon, pink, teal, and gold) as well as four patterns (damask, cherry lattice, green flowers, and beetles) all taken from real 1940s fabric sites.
I used one of Trapping's base textures on the heavy wool stockings, grey for all colours, as was common in the colder months. See more images HERE.

Download here or on GoS!