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Life is Strange Conversions (Advent Day Twenty-One)

I'd like to start off by saying that I started converting these in May 2017, and they are NOT perfect. They need MANY improvements and require a knowledge of OMSPs and some CC to really look nice and function well. 

Here's a bunch of conversions from the game Life is Strange. I tried to hit a lot of bases and useful clutter was a big part of that. I modified a few of the meshes to fit Maxis proportions! :D The above is an example of what you can do with this (there's some CC that is, of course, not part of this set).

Some room clutter.

School clutter.

Classroom chair.

Rugs - with many recolours!

Bunk bed and regular dorm bed.

Max's shelf and radiator.

Functional radio!

Known issues:
  • You need to place bunk bed friendly mattresses or shiftable mattresses in order for the beds to work properly.
  • They work, however, sims will float.
  • The top bunk does nothing.
  • Max's shelf has no slots.
  • The desk registers as 2 tiles and has a floating slot I can't get rid of no matter how hard I've tried.
  • The dresser has no animations because the original mesh had no animations.
  • Some of the items aren't perfectly centred.

Knowing all of that, if you'd like to...

Download here!

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