2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Christmas and Hanukkah Bulletin Boards (Advent Day Twenty)

Here are two bulletin boards for your schools and community centres - for Hanukkah and Christmas. I know Hanukkah has passed, but I figured I'd include it for anyone who may need/want it. They are entirely compiled by me and feature stuff for and by kids. They're recolours of Two Dogs and an Olive so they require NL.

If anyone wants any other holidays, please just ask! (I have a Halloween one somewhere, too.)

Download them both here! Nightlife EP Required.

Please consider 
donating to my PayPal this holiday season, so that I can afford to take care of my needs such as food, water, pain management items, and medication costs not covered by my government plan. Every bit of your money goes towards helping me and it makes my entire week to even receive a tiny amount.
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