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Baby Delight - Breast Milk Storage Bag

This is an entry for the GoS theme, Hobby Lobby & Generation Veneration!

Generations come and go - and recently, I've a new cousin, and have been exposed to a lot of baby stuff. Breastfeeding is becoming the norm again, so this is quite appropriate. To keep extra milk from going to waste, breastfeeding mothers often use a pump and storage bags, to put in the fridge or freezer for later, or even donate to a baby in need! This is perfect for your hospital lots, kitchens, and just as a good clutter. It has Simlish that's a bit smudged, so everyone can use it regardless of what "language" you prefer in the game. The design was done by hand, in GIMP, from a reference.

Here's that storage bag. It's a recolour of 333EvE333's Carbohydrate Powder Package (4t2 by Pixelry)!

Download here! You can find it in Deco/Sculptures for $10.
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