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Spooky Scary! - Halloween Costumes for Teens and Children

*variety show announcer voice* It's that spooky time of year again, kids! Time to get on your costumes (and your coats, because it's cold), go door-to-door, and hit up people for candy that you often barely know. Time for scary stories you can tell in the dark, scary movies you can watch in the dark, and scary costumes your parents won't allow you to wear in the dark without a flashlight. Here are a bunch of costumes!

These costume designs were sourced from Hot Topic, Spirit Halloween, Superstore, and Party City. They are not meant to look realistic, but rather, like a cheap costume you got in a bag, makeup you put on in the bathroom mirror, and shoes you completely improvised half the time. The unbinned "wigs" are done in a mix of Maxis Match and TS4 textures to make them look fake, as I use Pooklet textures usually. This gives the advantage of them matching other games than mine, and the advantage of them looking like wigs in others! Win-win! :D

Teen Male Costumes

Incredible Hulk

This costume is done on a Lean Body Builder mesh and is designed to look like the dull rubbery latex suits you can find in costume shops, along with some skin-irritating face paint (no, seriously, what do they make that crap out of?!) to irritate the Hulk inside of you. Zipper on the back of the neck, and Maxis Bon Voyage tourist pants repurposed so you can Hulk Out in style!


This butcher may look like he's just got done with a hard shift, but he has a bloody secret on his hands. Comes with fake blood squirts for the arms. Requires OFB. The facepaint is by me in a previous upload, here.


Ever wanted to become your mother's Facebook memes? Well, now you can, with this Minion costume! Comes with face paint, does not come with bananas. Requires FreeTime.

Teen Female Costumes

Little Mermaid

Stole this costume straight from Hot Topic - it's the Little Mermaid in her ballgown, with fish-scale legs and sparkly purple Mary Janes. I handpainted the texture and am really happy with the results, but the tights texture comes from a Disney Wiki page (sorry!). Dinglehoppers not included. If you want a proper Ariel wig by another creator, there's one here!

Steven Universe's Pearl

This may come to absolutely no one's surprise, but I really love Pearl from Steven Universe, and had to make a costume of her! It comes with face paint (that looks better in person, I promise, fuck you imgur), a pink wig, and is based on a mesh by withlovefromsimtown. I handpainted a lot of the texture, but much of it is theirs.

"Thank You" Plastic Bag

This is entirely dedicated to my longtime sims friend, NatalieFirexx. She is wonderful, and also has worn a bag over her head for an instagram selfie multiple times (but please don't do that). Just wear this costume, instead! It's just a simple dress designed to look like a plastic bag you'd get from a convenience store. None of the environmental damage, all of the fun! :D

Child Costumes


This version is on a custom mesh but is just as fun! Kids love Minions, and this seems to be a very popular costume. It's virtually identical to the teen male one and shares the facepaint with the above TM version!


Shrek was big when I was growing up. I owned the VHS and DVD of it - it blew my mind that you could get such beautiful 3D animation and a fat-positive story in one package. This movie unironically still means a lot to me, so I just HAD to make a costume for it after seeing one in Superstore. This is for all genders. The accessory mesh is included (thanks, Akabarl!)

Miraculous Ladybug

If you haven't seen this beautiful animation, I definitely urge you to do so! It's so positive, cute, and has good messaging. Your little girls can dress up in a wig, mask, and outfit as Ladybug and save the world! The hair has some issues, but don't we all? It's over a decade old. :P

Twilight Sparkle (Equestria Girls)

This is specifically based off of a costume I saw online and fell in love with for one of my sims! I had to make it, so I hand-drew the entire thing from scratch, often having to do my own guesswork because there wasn't a lot of 2D artwork that was good for references. Your little girls can dress up as Twilight Sparkle from Equestria Girls - complete with a wig and hand-shaded (though imgur doesn't care to show it) hair bow! Feel the magic!


Fight evil and family dinners with this super suit! Designed by hand, this is on a "superhero" mesh. The mask is Maxis (basegame) and the rest is crimefighting history! :D I love The Incredibles and I have yet to see the sequel, but I'm very excited that a new generation is getting to experience such a stylistic masterpiece for themselves!

Aaanddd that's it! I hope you enjoyed and found something your sims can wear.

Download here! All face paint, body meshes, and accessory meshes are included. Each costume has its own folder in the rar for convenience, to take out those that you don't want or need.
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