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RSA 13" Portable Television Set

Here's the RSA 13-inch Portable/Tabletop Television Set! It's very similar to one my mother owned for her bedside table when I was about five or six. It costs $30 and can be found in Electronics.

The Karaoke machine that came with Nightlife had a really, really cute TV attached to it, to read the lyrics off of! So I mangled the damn thing off of its stand, fixed the screen (which took no less than forever, because the entire mesh was a mirrored one) and am now ready to upload it!

Here it is compared to the Trottco 27" TV:

You can also place it on floors, and it works with the quartertile cheat. Here's some examples of how to use it:

It's cloned from a multi-placeable TV, and can sit on any surface. It's not slaved to anything so you don't need NL.

Download here!

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