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4t2 Seasons Kiddie Pools

This is an entry for GoS' June 2018 theme, Baby Baby Baby!

I bring you today... two TS4 Seasons wading pools, converted for TS2!

They are both fully functional thanks to Echo's wading pool code and cloned from Rebecah's version of the wading pool which gives your kids and toddlers some body skill as they play!

Swimming With The Fishies - Cheap Kiddie Pool 4t2

This is the cheaper of the two options! Made of rigid plastic, just fill it up with water and let your toddler (or child!) sim go wild!
Find it for $25 in General - Kids.

It comes in four plain colours (pink, yellow, orange, and red) as well as two koi-themed recolours and something that is totally not a ripoff of Finding Dory.

Download the cheap pool here!

Summer Palms - Expensive Kiddie Pool 4t2

This is similar to one I had in the 90s! This blow-up plastic pool features two palm trees, exciting designs, and a toucan!
Find it for $50 in General - Kids.

It comes in three recolours - island, ocean, and beach-themed.

Download the expensive pool here!

Wonky crap for both:
The thumbnails may make them look more shiny than they are for reasons I can't fix related to the coding.
Children's feet may sink in slightly as they jump, for a fifth of a second.
I translated the names myself, as TSRW is not in English despite TS4 playing in English. Don't ask me. I just mod here.
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