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Seize the Taco - Taco Bell Packaged Foods

Summer is upon us, and so are tacos! Taco Bell is something I've had like... twice in my life, because we have exactly one in my area, and it's at the dead centre of my city and impossible to get to without fighting off hordes of bad drivers trying to use the intersection of death (trademark pending).

But, I still love tacos, so I made some Taco Bell stuff! This wouldn't have been possible without meshes by Tinkle, 3Jino, and skya. I only tweaked them, remapped at least two of them, and went all-in on texturing them! :D I can't find working links for the other two creators. Sorry D:

You get the Taco 12 Pack (which didn't take me two and a half hours to line the texture up... no siree), a Cruncwrap Slider, some soft and hard tacos, a bag of Cinnabon sticks, and a burrito. :D Everything is deco only and your sims cannot actually unwrap and eat it. Sorry.

Download here! Find them in Appliances/Misc.

Please consider chucking some spare change my way on PayPal to help with my medication costs.
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