2fingerswhiskey (2fingerswhiskey) wrote,

Gardenia - Garden Gloves & Dirt Smudges

This is an entry for the GoS theme, Hoe-Down!

Bees are buzzing, the sun is shining... it's time for your sims to do some gardening! \(ouo)/

But sadly, garden gloves haven't been in stock ANYWHERE... until now! Your sims get multiple styles of accessory gloves plus two "dirty hands" and three muddy face paints!

Everything is for Adults and Teens of all genders. Styles include cacti, chevrons, reflective (mens), plain, pink scallops (women's), and much more!

Download here or on GoS! Meshes included!

Please consider chucking some spare change my way on PayPal to help with my medication costs.
Tags: s2cc, sims 2, sims 2 cc, sims 2 download, sims 2 downloads, ts2 cc, ts2 downloads, ts2cc

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