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Fight Back! - Fibromyalgia Awareness Month Jewellery

In addition to my previous post, I would like to offer up some CC to help your sims represent fibromyalgia awareness and acceptance. It would mean a lot to me to see a sim wearing these, and it would mean a lot to many other simmers I know with this condition.

You get three necklaces: One with a boxer's glove that says "Fight Back" on a circle behind it, a purple medical awareness ribbon, and two circles that say "Warrior" and "Struggles Bring Strength" on them. You also get a scarf with purple butterflies and ribbons on them.

You also get a "Fibro Warrior" bracelet with a spoon and "sick club" on it in honour of the inventor of the term "cripple punk" who lost their battle with fibromyalgia.

Finally, you get a pair of earrings that have purple butterflies fading into metallic silver branches that represent the nervous system of a fibro patient.

(Ignore the fact that my computer's graphics card wanted to bite the dust during the heatwave I screenshotted this in.)

Please be respectful when using these and remember to be gentle the next time someone you know is experiencing chronic pain. We need as much help as we can get.

Download here! Meshes included.
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