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MLC Photo Ladder Picture Separated

I love MLC's Photo Ladder so much! But sometimes, I just want to use ONE picture, not all of them. So, I made a wall version of the frames hanging in the ladder, that's easily recolourable! It's not repositoried because each time I tried the mapping somehow went all funny on me, but MLC gave me permission to upload this so I shall :D

It's the exact size of a regular photo print that you'd get from developing it at a store and then framing it, making it useful for people who don't want HUGE family photos but still wanna clutter up their walls! You get a bunch of recolours and three frame colours (grey, black, and white), as well as English or Simlish versions (clearly labelled) of some of the art.

[Image Descriptions: Three drawn figures with hearts in their hands, a dog against a red background, a wolf in a triangle surrounded by woods, a rainbow amidst splatter art, and the Union Flag under a grungy filter]

[Image Descriptions: Simlish and English "More Coffee Please" against a white background, and Simlish and English "Lettuce Turnip The Beet" vector graphics]

[Image Descriptions: Multicoloured cogwheels on a dark blue background, multicoloured pineapples on a light wood background, light wood panel broken by a white strip of paint, "Hustle Hella Hard" in Simlish and English against a pastel background]

[Image Descriptions: Plumbobs laying on their side patterned, blue photo of the night sky, a blue cartoon sloth smiling while hanging from a branch, a child's painting of a mosque against a sunset sky, a child's drawing of a crab in the middle of the ocean surrounded by marine life]

Download here!

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